The Philosophy of Brennan Healing Science

Brennan Healing Science touches every aspect of the human experience – spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical.

I combine ancient wisdom with new innovations in energy sessions.


What is energy healing?

The laying-on of hands has been practiced by humans for thousands of years. If you stub your toe or bang your elbow, what is the first thing you do? Perhaps after yelling a choice word or syllable, you put your hand on it.

There are many forms of healing that work with the physical body, and also with aspects of us that are unseen.  Brennan Healing Science is a powerful healing modality pioneered by Barbara Brennan, physicist and former NASA researcher. Her books Hands of Light and Light Emerging are considered classics in the field of energy work.  Brennan Healing Science touches every aspect of the human experience – spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical.

Chakras – Sanskrit for “circles” or “wheels” – are energy centers which can become blocked or unbalanced. This can lead to physical illness or other forms of disease.  Working with the various dimensions of human experience can help you find your soul’s task and live with a clear connection to your own divine qualities.

In a healing session, we may explore areas that influence your state of well-being, such as your health history, life stressors, belief systems, your family history, and relationships.

“Change is possible, but it must start with self-acceptance.”

– Alexander Lowen
Brennan Healing Science has been helpful for people with a wide array of concerns including:

Anxiety  Depression  Relationship Issues Grief Goal Achievement Stress Management Surgery Pain Management Infertility Heart Disease Diabetes Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue Terminal Illness

Here are some things that people often report about their experience of a healing session:

“I kept seeing colors go by on my mind screen. I don’t understand it, but my pain is gone.”
“I saw many scenes from my life – maybe they were moments coming up for healing.”
“It felt like that state in between sleeping and waking – like when I hit the snooze button and then keep sleeping.”
“I feel a bit like I did back in college when I tried drugs. Very relaxed.”
“I couldn’t tell exactly where you were because it felt like there were others around the healing table.”

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