Psychotherapy and Energy Healing

Regardless of your preferred method of healing, it’s important to know: seeking help or therapy does not mean you’re defective or doing something wrong. Healing is an experience everyone needs and can benefit from.

I offer two types
of sessions—both intended to heal and help enhance your reality.


What to Expect in a Psychotheraphy Session 

In a psychotherapy session we will discuss your goals for therapy and work together to retrain your thoughts and feelings for optimal growth and health. Think of your therapist as an usher who can walk with you into dark or painful places, to explore them with you, and to help you emerge stronger and more confident in your abilities to return to these inner places and make sense of what you find. Most people spend a good deal of misdirected energy keeping painful feelings or traumas managed and contained. When you cultivate the strength and courage to work with inconvenient feelings and thoughts, you are not only stronger and more courageous, but also free to spend your energy enjoying and creating the things that bring you meaning and joy.

What to Expect In An Energy Healing Session  

In a healing session, we will discuss your goals and challenges. If necessary, we can discuss the human energy field and how I work with it. In an in-person session, the client lies fully clothed on a massage table as the practitioner works with the field in and around the client. The client is generally in a quiet restful state, although there are times that change is best facilitated by talking and sharing your experience. Brennan Healing Science Practitioners are trained to do distance healing work, so your session can also take place by phone or Skype.

Forms to prepare for your first session:

The forms for you to complete for our first appointment are available below for you to download & prepare beforehand.
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