Psychotherapy and Energy Healing

I offer two types
of sessions—both intended to heal and enhance your reality.


What to Expect in a Counseling Session  

In a psychotherapy session we will discuss your goals for counseling and work together to retrain thoughts and feelings for optimal health. You should have a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Think of your therapist as an usher who can navigate dark or painful places with you, and to help you emerge stronger and more whole. Most people spend a good deal of energy defending against painful feelings. When you cultivate the strength to meet inconvenient feelings and challenge faulty thinking, you become stronger and more courageous. You will also free yourself to create more meaning and joy.

What to Expect In An Energy Healing Session  

In a healing session, we will discuss your goals and challenges. If necessary, we can discuss the human energy field and how I work with it. You should have a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. At times there may be silence while we tune into your energy system, and other times change is best facilitated by talking about your experience.  Brennan Healing Science Practitioners are specifically trained to do distance healing work.

Forms to prepare for your first session:

The forms for you to complete for our first appointment are available below for you to download & prepare beforehand.
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